“At age 15, our daughter was experiencing reading problems. She read slowly, and had problems with retention. She almost never read for fun, and her spelling, grammar, and vocabulary suffered as a result. After having her tested, we took her to Patty. They worked together twice a week for about four months, during which time, Patty taught her a new way to read.
The result? This year she took and received a “B” in AP literature. Her attitude towards school has improved as have all of her reading- related skills. Her self-esteem has improved; she no longer refers to herself as “stupid”. She is now looking forward with excitement to the prospect of college.
We were totally impressed with Patty’s knowledge, competence and professionalism. She has made a very significant contribution to our daughter’s life.”

John B.

“You were a beyond help in my childhood and I will be ever so grateful.”

Buck L.

“Hi Patty, So glad you and   are making such amazing headway…. she seems so much more confident, willing and excited to learn for the first time. What a blessing. We had a wonderful vacation, but the best part was coming home to a smiling, happy  .”

Jodi G

“Dear Patty,
  is doing so well and her motivation is remarkable. She now begs to read (she is compelled to keep up with her Class book club). Her STAR scores from last year were all high and consistent (her reading comprehension came up dramatically).

Thanks so much,
Marjorie G.”

“Hi Patty,
I think of you so much every time we drive by your office.
Just want to give you an update on  . He got his ERB’s and he scored in the 90th percentile in writing!!! All because of you. All his scores have improved and are over the 60th percentile. We are happy. Hopefully he will continue to improve and perhaps he can one day go to Johns Hopkins camp with his brother.
He is going to be Wilbur, in the Charlotte Web musical at  !!!
He is getting all “A’s” so far. He is back in Spanish too and he is not taking study skills this year. So we will see how it goes through the year.

Sending a hug from us both,
Sonja G.”

“Hi Patty,
We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all you have done for . We credit much of her improvement with her reading to you and your expertise! It has undoubtedly been a great help.

By the way, I recently recommended you to a friend of mine who may be calling in the New Year regarding her son.

Thank you Patty, have a wonderful holiday and a joyful New Year.

Katherine S.”

“Hi Patty,
I just wanted to touch base and thank you again for being so wonderful with  . I am seeing such great progress in his confidence with reading, and so smooth lately it’s really incredible! Also, thank you for being someone with whom   is so comfortable and can confide in, you have become such a wonderful support in his life and we are so grateful for that.

Louise G.”

“Dear Patty,
I am extremely satisfied that   had this year learning how to write with you as it has given him a huge boost. Your writing program has taught him the organizational steps he needed to begin learning to write. The information you teach is broken down into the small steps that Will so desperately needs. You have taught him so well that even he recognizes what you have done for him!
It is certainly not always easy to allow for parent involvement in an educational therapy setting. The positive affect by allowing me to sit in on these lessons is immeasurable. Since the language arts are admittedly not my strong suit, I have gained the confidence I needed to assist Will with reading and his homework. I thank you for this gift to me Patty. It has been exceedingly helpful to both   and I to share this information. If only you could see the changes we have made in our home life, you would understand what a more challenging but less frustrating learning environment we have created together.
I would like to thank you for allowing time in these final ed therapy sessions for the review you are doing. It is good timing and helpful.

Connie B.”

“Dear Patty,
We have truly appreciated your brilliance at teaching   and helping him to feel like an accomplished, bright boy. So, a thousand thank yous won’t suffice to convey our appreciation of what knowledge and ability you have imparted in our son. We sincerely thank you.”

Elizabeth M.

“Dear Patty,
  is so beautiful and so happy and so proud. What validation! Especially after her long and sometimes painful academic road. Thank you so much for your loving and healing work with  . You helped her return to essential nature on so many levels and gave her permission to be the bright and curious person she is.”

Victoria L.


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