Workshops and Presentations

My experience in providing literacy workshops to parents, teachers, schools, or other interested groups is extensive. I have presented to teacher training classes at the University of California, public school faculties, boards of education, parent organizations, curriculum committees, student study teams, preschool faculties and parents, Rotary groups, and more. Workshop content is based on current scientific research in the fields of cognitive processing, learning, literacy, and learning disabilities.
Workshop content can include, but is not limited to:
• How and why to screen at an early age (K, 1st) for potential reading difficulties
• How to teach reading preventatively so children won’t develop classic reading difficulties
• What is phonological processing and why is it crucial to reading
• How reading fluency is developed and why is it critical to comprehension
• Cognitive processing and how it relates to all areas of the curriculum
• Assessing learning styles and how to provide appropriate instruction for the variety of styles
• “What Teachers of Reading Should Know” – a review of what teachers should know (and often don’t because the knowledge is not provided in teacher training curriculum) in order to teach all children lifelong literacy skills
• Why “concept imagery” is the key to speaking, listening, reading, and writing fluency
• Why higher order thinking skills are essential for children to master for success in school and life
• How to quickly and easily analyze all fiction writing
• Study, organization, and learning skills strategies
• Writing, from topic to final draft

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