Initial complimentary consultation

An initial half hour consultation is offered at no charge. At this meeting, I describe my work, and learn what you expect from educational therapy. If you wish to continue the meeting past the complimentary half hour, the consultation rate will go into effect. At the end of the initial consultation, if you wish to pursue educational therapy, I will give you an information packet to be completed at home. I will also ask you to make copies of all academic records, including, but not limited to:

  • student work samples
  • previous testing/assessments
  • report cards
  • evaluation reports
  • individual education plans

I request that the packet and records be sent to me for review at least one week before the intake consultation.

The intake consultation

The intake consultation gives us time to discuss and analyze the information packet, academic records, review possible assessment needs, and discuss the parameters of remediation. The intake consultation requires from one to two hours at the regular consultation fee.

Additional consultations

Additional consultations may be scheduled on an “as needed” basis. Review of the assessment report, review of diagnosis and remediation plans, changes in school or home routine, review of progress, advocacy needs, outside testing, review of school IEPs, communication with affiliated professionals (classroom teacher, resource specialist, psychologist, nurse, etc.) are a few of the reasons consultations are needed.

One-time consultations

At times, parents who are not seeking educational therapy for their child, or adults experiencing literacy processing difficulties, will want one or several educational consultations to clarify various issues. They may request a review and explanation of testing results from previous assessment measurements and reports. Sometimes parents seek advice on how to proceed with a specific learning or school related concern which may not require educational therapy. Often, referrals are made for non-educational therapy issues, such as counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, neuropsychology, psychiatry, special schools, and more. Parents who home-school have used the consultation forum to seek advice on curriculum planning, implementation, or consult on special needs. Consultations can help solve many kinds of educationally related questions.

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