Patty McBratney

  • Board Certified Educational Therapist #10103, Retired
  • Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Reading from
    California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo
  • California Teaching Credentials
    • Reading Specialist
    • Learning Handicapped
    • Severely Handicapped
    • Multi-subject

My career in special education has always focused on language-based learning and literacy acquisition. As I prepared for my very first teaching job as a Resource Specialist in 1973, I spent the summer reading through the records of my first group of students. I was prepared to work with a group of students who were tested and labeled ‘educable mentally retarded’. I soon got to know these bright and creative children, and although they had difficulty learning literacy skills, they proved in so many other ways that they were not retarded. After searching for resources and ways to help these wonderfully bright children, I was introduced to The International Dyslexia Association and owe immense gratitude to this organization for continually providing outstanding, ongoing, current, and well-researched science on language-based learning difficulties. I continued to learn about the science of cognition, memory, language and reading acquisition from IDA and other conferences (see Resources) and applied those skills over the years in my work as a reading specialist, multi-media specialist, and language-arts teacher grades six, seven, and eight. By 1990, I was working again as a resource specialist while establishing my private practice.

By 1994, I began working exclusively in my private educational therapy practice where I continue to specialize in one-to-one remediation with children, adolescents, and adults who have difficulty acquiring and /or processing reading and literacy skills. To maintain my board certification, I am required to maintain an updated understanding of current scientific research on cognition and learning, and apply this depth of knowledge in my practice. Although I’m required to stay current, I also willingly choose to learn as much as I can about cognition. Every new discovery about our brains – how we learn, process, and express information – is fascinating to me.

While remediation is the heart of my practice, I appreciated the honor of being designated a Master Teacher through California State University, Long Beach while I was working as a Resource Specialist, and have continued to mentor interns who have gone on to become highly successful Educational Therapists. I have conducted a number of teacher trainings with a focus on early identification and prevention of reading and literacy difficulties not only in California and Washington, but in Southern India and for the Tibetan Government in Exile in Northern India.

I’m profoundly grateful that I have had a such a rewarding profession, and I am particularly and deeply thankful that my students and their parents have brought me exceeding joy over the years. In June, 2009, I retired from active private practice, but continue to consult and work with students part-time.


Professional memberships include:

  • The Association of Educational Therapists
    Board of Directors – Past Study Group Director, Past Certification Board Member
  • The International Dyslexia Association
    Orton Oaks Member
    Past Washington State Branch Board Member
  • The International Reading Association

Each of these organizations provides excellent and comprehensive information to those interested in learning and literacy disabilities. Also, each organization presents a major conference every year where the latest findings on the science of cognition, learning, reading, writing, and much much more are presented. Parents, as well as professionals are encouraged and welcome to attend.

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